TECKNET Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver, Mini Front DoorBell with RGB Light

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TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

TECKNET Wireless Doorbell with USB Interface

The wireless bell is versatile and can be connected directly to a computer, a socket with USB interface, a power bank etc. The USB port of the wireless doorbell can also be folded by 90°. As a bell, it can also be used as a pager for the elderly, pregnant women and mobile users. It is also suitable for people with inconvenience.

Mini Wireless Bell Set

The mini wireless doorbell is very small and can be easily held in your hand or put in your pocket; and you can place the sender freely on a table or in a bag. Also the receiver of the doorbell is very small (only 21 mm) and does not take up much space. 

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

Silent mode

Mute the volume of the wireless bell will not disturb your rest, work or study. The colorful RGB lights of the doorbell remind you that someone is coming or someone in need. Designed for particularly practical and easy use for even more comfort.

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

60 Ringtones

The wireless doorbell has 60 melody bells to meet your needs. Press the Next or Previous button to easily choose from 60 tunes.

Memory function

The wireless bell set stores the last used melody and volume setting when the power supply is interrupted, no need to re-adjust.

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

400 m wireless range

The outdoor waterproof wireless bell has a range of up to 400 metres in open areas and does not interfere with other wireless devices nearby. A strong and stable radio signal ensures that you do not miss a visitor.

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

IP65 waterproof and easy to install

The front door bell set is waterproof against raindrops, the water and dust resistance of IP65 ensures perfect outdoor performance. The wireless bell outdoor waterproof ionises between -10 °C and + 50 °C, withstands harsh weather conditions.

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver
TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver

Easy to Install

The front doorbell can be quickly and easily attached to the wall with the included dowels, screws or adhesive pads.

TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver
TECKNET Mini Wireless Doorbell with USB Receiver


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Works perfectly

Living in a house with thick internal walls i wasn't sure that this door chime and bell push combo would work but boy was I proved wrong. After reading the instructions I cleaned the door frame and stuck the self adhesive bell push in place, it stuck solidly to the plastic frame first time. The plug in mains ringer was placed centrally in a socket on the ground floor next to the stairs so it would be heard throughout the house.Choosing one of the many chimes and setting the volume was easy and it's worked flawlessly for the last couple of weeks. Truly a piece of fit and forget tech that we have grown to rely on nowadays.The socket we used is partly obscured by a piece of furniture so the on-board lights aren't immediately visible but I can see this would be a real boon to those who are hard of hearing. An excellent all round purchase.

Mohamed khair
It work perfectly nice good item

It work perfectly nice good item

Clear Fife
easy set up

Set up is simple, the range of different tunes is great.I have set our 1 on Rex the dog, he is ferocious. Hopefully he scares all the baddies away.

Dog bark

I like the dog bark setting

Jeremy Fisher
Do not buy, failed after 4 weeks

The installation is simple, as many other reviews say. Its reliability is diabolical. Rated at IP66, seriously, if I had to guess I would be rate this as IP45. Take great caution in purchasing this. Save your money, invest it into a product that works as long as the batteries, not just 3 weeks.Cheap product, poor quality, defective design and not fit for purpose.